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Mounted parallel to the road and swung back by 25°, the Midual’s 1,036 cm3 flat twin with dual overhead camshafts is a unique proposition that cannot be found anywhere else on the market.
Lively and full of character, its low centre of gravity and low longitudinal inertia combine to produce precise and playful handling.

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A masterful mechanical specimen, the Midual’s self-supporting double-walled frame is sand-cast at an aeronautical foundry. Its refined design, the technical integration of functions it affords, and the extreme complexity of its production and finishes make the Midual inimitable.

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The details never has a motorbike been lavished with so much attention

The brand spent thousands of hours of design work on perfecting every last detail of its motorcycles. From the engraved screws to the saddle-stitched leather seat, the dashboard, and the design of the kickstand, the standard of finishes is unparalleled.

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Finishes combine them to give the motorcycle a range of different personalities

Starting with one of the four main monocoque finishes, choose from a range of different materials, leathers and surface treatments applied to the different parts of the bike.

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