The story began in late 1992, when newly-graduated engineer Olivier Midy decided – like many other enthusiasts of his generation – to build “his own motorbike”.

For him, a motorbike is an engine first and foremost, and he has a preference for large two-cylinder engines.

He soon came up with the novel idea of swinging back a flat twin engine by 25°, mounting it parallel to the road, and installing it in a motorcycle with a chain drive.

This simple idea made it possible to add the flat engine’s unquestionable advantages of balance and regularity to the innate handling benefits of this type of motorbike.

The very first patent was soon filed. Two non-operational bikes demonstrating the suitability of the solution were presented at the Salon du Deux-Roues motorcycle fair in Paris in 1999, where they won over a number of French enthusiasts.

Olivier then decided to self-finance the study and development of this new engine, leaning on the R&D activities of the company that he and his brother François founded in late 1997 and which operates in the automotive industry.

After six long years of behind the scenes work, the brand-new flat twin was fired up for its first test run in the summer of 2007.

It was at this time that the idea of turning the motorbike into a noble and refined creation – like a finely crafted timepiece – was first expressed.

In 2010, the company bolstered its capital and fully committed to developing what would later become the Midual Type 1.

The first prototype of this exceptional motorcycle entered the test ride phase in summer 2013.

After the first presentation at Pebble Beach in 2014, the first customer models were delivered.

In 2018, the company, which has just completed a new fundraiser, integrates a new spacious building suitable for production.
The first Midual Type 1 to come out of the new promises is delivered in the first quarter of 2019.