Alan Cathcart test rides the Midual prototypes

21 July 2014

actu7-2On 21 and 22 July 2014, Midual had the pleasure of welcoming the renowned Sir Alan Cathcart to the company in order to show him around and have him test ride the two prototypes of the Midual Type 1 under development.

He thus got to hop on prototype No. 1, which had been piling up kilometres incognito since the summer of 2013. Alan seemed in sync with the roadholding provided by the alliance between the single-piece cast frame and the low centre of gravity afforded by the engine’s position.

He was also able to ride the No. 2 prototype even before its world premiere at Pebble Beach. Here he gives us his first impressions.

We were very interested in comparing the analysis and reactions of our English test rider against what we know about our machines so that we can fine tune them to perfection.
These two days with Alan and his photographer, Kel Edge, were very pleasant and quite rewarding.