Located since its creation in Angers, in the Loire Valley, Midual has grown and developed within a favourable and dynamic economic environment.

We would like to thank:

Bpifrance and the Pays de la Loire region, which have successfully and decisively contributed to financing each stage of the project with remarkable consistency over time.

All of Europe, for its financial support through its regional development fund (ERDF).

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Department of Maine and Loire

The Technology Park and City of Angers

L’École des Arts et Métiers (School of Applied Arts and Crafts) for its accommodation in a technological environment..

Midual would also like to thank the 40 or so private investors who injected capital into the company.

Midual also thanks its 145 suppliers for their collaboration.

Midual thanks its employees and partners for their perseverance and talent in the pursuit of this crazy adventure.