Midual is first and foremost a team of motorbike enthusiasts and lovers of mechanics.

The team is well-acquainted with fine mechanics and appreciates the authentic skills perpetuated by sand-casters, machinists, fitters, saddle manufacturers, polishers and more.

At Midual, we love metal, leather and needle gauges and are sensitive to the texture of materials and the sensuality of their touch. We are mindful of the beauty found in the smallest of details such as an engraving or a screw.

But the Midual mind-set also involves a freedom of perspective that led the brand to stray from the beaten track and to constantly innovate.

Using modern design, development and production techniques, we have drawn on all the savoir-faire of our mechanical engineers to ensure that the Midual Type 1 is a fantastic-looking mechanical object and a thrilling motorbike to ride.

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